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NITGEN’S Fingerprint AccssController(NAC-3000)is the state-of-art biometric system by adopting fingerprint technology, which has very excellent biometric security and user’s convenience. Designed and manufactured with sensor and algorithm developed by NITGEN’s Superior Biometric technology, it has very accurate and speedy fingerprint identification rate while a user can build very robust security system at inexpensive cost. Also, if using the server management program of which network configuration and functions have been strengthened, you may advantageously apply it for Access Control system and Time & Attendance Management of enterprise Level
Auto-on function that identifies biological traits with one touch, capable of
Applicable to large-scale business facilities by handling up to 255 units at terminals.
Remote management and real-time monitoring capability by providing a server program
Capable of high speed 1:N authentication
supports multi-security modes( assorted combination of fingerprint, password and RF card)
Encrypts fingerprint data and network communications
Access control per period and time
Material ABS
Size 201.5(W) X 135(L) X 45(H) [mm]
Sensor  Type Optical
Resolution 500 [DPI]
Authentication Mode 1:1, 1:N, Group, Short ID matching
Facts Fingerprint, Password, RF Card
Time Less than 1sec
Environment  Temperature -20 ~ 60 [oC]
Power 12 / 24 [V]
Maximum number of registrations 4,000 users (1fingerprint per 1 user)
Operation SO, NL, NS
Authentication Rate FRR : 1/1,000 FAR : 1/100,000
Function key F1, F2, F3, F4
Output Type EM-lock, Electric Strike, Dead Bolt, Auto-door
Communication TCP/IP, Wiegand(26/34[Bit])output, RS232
- 3000
- 3000M
- 3000R
- 3000L
- 3000LM
- 3000LR
verify fake fingers       o o o
Fingerprint o o o o o o
Password o o o o o o
  o     o  
HID card     o     o
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